Wow! Mississippi’s New Pro-Life Abortion Legislation Takes Brass Ones!

By Kevin Fobbs
[Originally published on on March 16, 2018]

Abortion opponents around the nation have a reason to applaud, because Mississippi has proposed a new law to ban abortion after 15 weeks. According to the Associated Press, the state’s Governor Phil Bryant, has expressed excitement in signing the law into law. Could this be an important turning point in the battle to protect the life of the unborn? Just look at what President Trump’s administration has already done so far.

The Department of Health and human Services (HHS) took a major step toward declaring that life begins at conception. In its new HHS 2018 to 2022 strategic plan, it states that life actually begins at conception, reported The Hill. Not only is this a major boost for the pro-life movement, but most important is how the president’s effort can save hundreds of thousands of unborn lives.

Who sits in the Oval Office is critical and equally critical is who sits in the governor’s office as well. That is why pro-life governor’s like Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant are so important to building a critical foundation for unborn life. The Anti-abortion group Pro-Life Mississippi is highly supportive of the new bill, stating, fetuses in the womb “deserve the right to life, which is supported by this bill,” according to the AP. The organization said it appreciated the stand for life that the legislators took to vote for anti-abortion bills “that are grounded in science and protect human life.”

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