The ‘Unborn Person of the Year 2018’ Campaign

New ‘Unborn Person of the Year’ video launches national and international campaign

Over 55 million unborn babies never had a voice, a chance to cry, smile or even gaze into their mother or father’s eyes. The new American Christian Civil Rights Movement (ACCRM) YouTube ‘Unborn Person of the Year’ video launches a national and international campaign to give these unborn babies the opportunity, that Time Magazine’s cover never afforded them.

Judi Lake, Executive Director of ACCRM stressed, “America does not have to wait for a magazine to bestow on an unborn child the well-deserved recognition each creation of God deserves as ‘2018 Person of the Year.’ The American Christian Civil Rights Movement firmly believes that this right lies with every person, household and supporter of the God-given right to life. We launched this national campaign to give millions of Americans and supporters of life around the world to make that choice.”

The YouTube ‘Unborn Person of the Year’ video by ACCRM and Hollywood photographer and director Bryan Papierski of SquirmTV is more than a message to share. It is also a call to action for every young person to embrace in their heart and truly feel a small tug of love for a smiling baby’s face that will never warm theirs. It is also a message to a grandmother who will never be, or touch the heart of a teacher who will never see the pride of accomplishment of a young student never born. It is a compassionate call for recognition of God’s gift of life in the womb.

The call to action is now and here is how you can do your part to stand up. Silence is Betrayal!

Like the YouTube ‘Unborn Person of the Year for 2016’ video, write a comment and share and tweet  
Download resolutions of support from ACCRM and encourage your state legislator, county and city officials to pass resolutions of support
Encourage your organization to pass resolutions of support and share them on social media
Send an individual or group selfie photo holding the sign: #unbornchild2018personoftheyear
Share your brief life supportive comments and stories with ACCRM’s ‘From the Heart’
Start an ‘Unborn Person of the Year for 2018’ video chat on YouTube or on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media page
Be creative and committed in answering the call to give the unborn child and opportunity to be ‘Person of the Year’ each and every day.
For more information: contact Email Judi Lake

‘Unborn Person of the Year’ video