Q: What is ACCRM?
A: American Christian Civil Rights Movement is an organization that will provide a forum and vehicle to unite all Christians in building communities that promote and protect the exercise of Christ-centered values through prayer, political and economic action.

Q: Is ACCRM a political organization?
A: ACCRM is not a political organization nor is it affiliated with political candidate organizations. ACCRM will provide information, education, and petition support to encourage the use of the ballot ‘ballot box’ to elect pro-Christian candidates. In addition, ACCRM will utilize economic action campaigns to encourage Christians to purchase products and services from those who share ACCRM beliefs.

QDoes ACCRM believe that the Bible is the definer of basic moral principles which govern human conduct?
A: ACCRM believes that God is creator and designer.  And that the Bible exists as a body of unchanging moral principles that form the basis of all human conduct.  These Biblical  ‘rules’ are not created by government but should be recognized by government to form laws consistence with these principles.  “All people are endowed with certain ‘inalienable’ rights…”

Q: What religious Christian principles  support ACCRM’s belief  in  Christianity?
A: ACCRM believes that God is the Creator of all things visible and invisible. God is the ‘designer’ who created mankind purposefully, with an indestructible soul infused from the moment of conception, destined for eternal life, who through his Son Jesus Christ revealed Himself to mankind. ACCRM follows Biblical law as God’s law, unchanged by mood or region or time. Christ is our King.

Q: What is ACCRM’s stand on Right to Life?
A: ACCRM believes that life begins at the moment of conception when body and soul unite. The unborn child is entitled to all the legal protections of a human being.

Q: What is ACCRM’s stand on marriage?
A: ACCRM believes that marriage is a God-instituted union between one man and one woman.

Q: What role does the family play in American Christian civil rights?
A: The family is the central unit in civilized society and should be valued, promoted, and protected. Parents are responsible for the health, welfare and education as well as spiritual and moral development of their children.

Q: How does education play a part in American Christian civil rights?
A: The formal schooling of children should be a free marketplace without government monopoly, favoritism in funding or policy implementation. Parents are the first educators of their children. The teaching of moral values – right from wrong – is integral to their instruction, and should not be compromised by public school authorities.

Q: How does government play a role in protecting American Christian religious civil rights beliefs and practices?
A: ACCRM accepts the Biblical Ten Commandments as the foundational ‘code of behavior’ upon which civil and moral law should be based. Government at all levels should be protective of the expression of these values.

Q: Does ACCRM believe that Christian religious biblical values are best protected and enforced at a state level?
A: ACCRM supports the U.S. Constitutional right of States to act in all issues not specifically delegated by the Constitution to the central government. Government closest to home is most reflective of community Christian religious values.