American Christian Civil Rights Movement:

When the history of America’s defense of religious freedom is written, the criminalization of Christianity will be linked to that moment in time when an open assault was unleashed by an over 50-year war on Jesus Christ and God in America.

In June of 2015, a Supreme Court majority comprised of five un-elected justices ruled to sanction gay marriage. This ruling would serve to batter Christianity into submission in order to permit and facilitate the destruction of Christianity in our nation. Open warfare was declared.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas vigorously disagreed with the court’s decision, writing that the majority’s decision was, “at odds not only with the Constitution, but with the principles upon which our nation were built.”

The second Revolutionary War has now arrived and leading the charge is the American Christian Civil Rights Movement [ACCRM]. Our goal is the uniting of Churches and Christians to defend and protect Christian Civil Rights. Our directive is to no longer passively witness or permit the shackling and undoing of our Constitutionally protected and God given religious rights that Americans cherish and practice.

Americans of Christian faith must stand up and not permit the criminalization of Christianity. Instead we must depart from the sidelines of comfort and the shadows of convenience and take a vow to enter into the arena of defending our Christian faith, fighting for the unshackling of God and the reemergence of Jesus Christ back into the core and fabric of American life.

The American Christian Civil Rights Movement is now, because the demonization and criminalization of Christianity is now.
 The American Civil Rights Movement is now because the government in the new Rome has determined that God’s Word is to be redefined, corrupted, compromised, and even even declared to be “hate speech” by those who do not share our beliefs.
 The American Christian Civil Rights Movement is now, because the youth of today and the youth yet unborn shall inherit a nation where God, Jesus Christ and the Bible shall be condemned as heresy, and its believers as heretics – if Christians do not respond to this full frontal assault on our God given religious freedoms, and public expression of these beliefs.
 The American Christian Civil Rights Movement is now, because the supporters of the Supreme Court’s gay marriage edict are even now preparing new legal assaults upon those in the pulpit who speak God’s words on gay marriage and parishioners who dare to share their Christian beliefs in the public, in schools and even on social media.
 This is a call to action, because Christian truth dashed to Earth shall still rise. Just as Christ was resurrected — so shall be the Christian faith of this nation.
 This is a call to action, because the Word of God and Jesus Christ cannot be bound but shall ascend as Christ did on his Ascension Day to Heaven.
 This is a call to action, because every attack on the Christian faithful anywhere in America is an attack on the body of Christ everywhere.


–> Support others through prayer, ACCRM’s Chat rooms or petitions of support
–> Create or join state or local chapters of ACCRM where you live, worship or work [many downloadable ACCRM documents within ‘the downloadable document’ link within member’s section]
–> Stand Up at public meetings, rallies, and marches against the criminalization of Christian faith,
–> Share your story or your neighbor’s story on ACCRM’s News Feed, Face book page or on our Twitter page
–> Build a social media network to protect and defend postings of Christian faith, or your own publishing of blogs,
–> Provide financial and prayer support to those who have been targeted.
–> Be an active part of building the Christian faith web with like-minded family, faith, and traditional network groups, organizations, youth groups, senior groups, Christian Desk Top and Lap Top Warriors
–> Most importantly: Spread the word that ACCRM is a safe place united to support, protect and defend America’s religious freedoms and Christian civil rights.

Are YOU being called?

“And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”   Isaiah 6:8