Revolutionary War Jewish Patriots Christmas Gift to America


By Kevin Fobbs
[originally published on on December 21, 2017]

WASHINGTON, December 21, 2017: The Christmas season may be one of the best times for reflection about freedom, sacrifice and why it is essential to remember the bravery of all soldier patriots who hunkered down at Valley Forge 240 years ago.  Among those soldiers and patriots are those that many historians and teachers largely do not acknowledge:  The Jewish patriots who joined the fight for America’s religious and governmental freedom.

Two hundred and forty Christmas seasons ago General George Washington’s Revolutionary War army at Valley Forge was on the brink of collapse. The future of the nation and the freedom Americans value today was at risk.

During those cold December days, the contribution of Jewish patriots is crucial to General Washington. Is crucial to ensure the success of the war.

The stories behind the artwork of Bernard Zakheim
We the Kids’, a national non-profit organization, president Judy Lane Frazier firmly believes that the Jewish colonists’ story and involvements must be told.  Frazier highlights noted 20th-century artist and sculptor Bernard Zakheim who shares the history of Jewish participation during the Revolutionary War through his art.



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