AMERICA’S NEW JOURNEY: This New Film Is A Must Watch For Every Patriot


By Kevin Fobbs
The lone rider for patriotism is found on the Texas plains, the farmlands of the heartland as well as in the cities and small towns all across America. They are the modern cowboys with old west values that want to tame a new more dangerous frontier in America: the decimation of the nation’s founding faith, liberty and freedom values. They embody the founding principles and values which created a nation that produced capitalism, free markets, American exceptionalism and the Reaganomic Revolution.

The film, Melanie’s Journey Through Chattanoogaville documentary sponsored by the Conservative Campaign Committee, is their true story which is interwoven with the re-launch of a conservative Americanism that each citizen was borne heir to.

The power of faith is also part of this story which the film traces from small business owners to the kitchen table of young mothers and is also found in inner city church pews of everyday citizen heroes. These are the heroes who embrace Christianity and the power of prayer which guides and empowers each of the faithful. They are the 21st century believers of Reagan’s Shining City on the Hill.

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First published in Clash Daily October 16, 2015 



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