The Modern Anarchy of Women

The 2017 ‘Women’s March’ disturbed me deeply….

As a woman, I had to ‘dig deeply within myself to discern WHY?

I mean,


protests and rallies ARE the American way, right?

True, but,

as a woman,

I was deeply ‘offended’….

None there represented what ‘a true woman’ is,

none there displayed self pride or dignity,

and none there ‘had a purpose’.

I didn’t ‘get their point’

other than demoralizing womanhood.

For our younger girls,

my heart aches

with the confusion they’re given

from confused, misguided ‘adult’ women.

How does our younger generation rise amidst such chaos and confusion?


As a woman who grew up in the 1970s I feel qualified to be a ‘voice’ regarding this women’s ‘fight’. As a native New Yorker that has competitively done business in Manhattan for many years, I am qualified to speak on this ‘war on women’. And, as a sister, wife, friend and mother, I am certainly qualified to speak on what ‘feminism’ has done to our men: ‘feminism has castrated many men leaving them unsure how ‘to relate’ to our ‘modern woman’.

‘Feminism’ has confused most men.

And, ladies, do we really want to confuse our men?

At this point, once again, I reiterate the fact that I just ‘didn’t get it’.


Flashback to 1960s:

Oh, how times were a changing!

Civil Right’s protests,

Anti-War protests,

and the [new] Women’s Movement rising.

[Whether in agreement or not], no one can deny those days were filled with chock-full-of passion!

Each who protested knew what they were protesting against.

Each who protested were passionate about their cause.

Civil Right’s protests were validated.

Anti-War protests were validated.

Woman’s Rights movement was validated.

And, not to mention the great music and art that was born during that era!


Today’s ‘movements’ lack depth or passion and certainly doesn’t create any memorable music or art. Why? Because no one knows why or what they are protesting! Although nothing will be perfect, let’s face it, in quoting an old 1960s ‘Virginia Slims’ commercial, ‘we’ve come a long way, baby.’ And, ladies, we have!

But ‘modern’ female anarchists’ deeply desire to instigate chaos, division and hate. How do today’s feminists gain attention? By exploiting themselves! The ever so constant – and boring – display of vaginas, breasts and anger speaks ‘volumes’ yet says nothing.

What exactly are you girls so angry about?

What the heck were Madonna’s rants about? Ashley Judd? America Ferrera?
Actually, if they were true ‘warriors for women’ wouldn’t it have been better if they quietly gave time and money instead of sensationalizing something that ain’t there?

Again, I don’t get it.

Why is it imperative for ‘strong women’ to stress their cause while exploiting themselves? Why is it ‘essential’ to include the female body parts in most posters and conversations?

Why does the world have to be concerned with a woman’s birth control?

Why do LGBT women not realize that one of the organizers for your march, Linda Sarsour, is a pro-Palestine Muslim activist that actually is anti-gay? Why transform the American flag into Hijabs? Because it’s ‘cool’?

Ignorance is not ‘cool’, ladies! Ignorance is ignorance and you gals were ‘used’!

Why are most ‘feminists’ so angry with men?

And, finally, why are ‘the feminist warriors’ not ‘fighting’ for our women of tomorrow that are being aborted today? Maybe because your ‘cause’ is simply a self-serving ‘cause’? How ‘ironic’ woman fighting for rights yet thinking nothing of abortion… smh

Can’t we just ‘be who we are’ and move forward?

No wonder so many men don’t know how to treat a ‘lady’… because, let’s face it, there ain’t many around!

Like it or not, [most] women haven’t much to ‘complain’ about. Someone treats you unfairly? Calmly confront the situation or move on! Learn to choose battles, girls!

[Before you throw your maxi-pads and bras at me] let me once again make mention that I am not only a woman but flourished ‘in a man’s world’ with my own advertising agency on Madison and 57th [NYC] in 1990s. Actually, I was more successful then many men while still respected for being ‘me’. I didn’t have ‘to turn animal’ on anyone!

What did I have to do to ‘prove myself’?

Nothing, actually – I knew my climb would be difficult and ‘chose to’ let my work creatively speak for itself while knowing aggression without disrespecting anyone.

Hey, I’m a New Yorker – aggression runs deeply within our veins…. Lol


My main concern is not for today’s ‘feminists’ – as embarrassing as they are, they still have the right to protest.

My concern is for our young girls who oftentimes ‘imitate’ what is exposed having no idea what it is they’re imitating.

As a mother of a seventeen year-old, I am grateful my daughter is confident within herself and has no desire to emulate ‘the modern feminist’.


Because she knows she’s strong. She knows that if she works hard she can accomplish much. She celebrates her womanhood while also respecting men. And, she knows her worth because she is a child of God, which is her freedom to ‘be’.

My daughter, as a child of God, respects herself and values her true individualism as a wonderful ‘gift’ for all.

To the majority of women, the feminists do not represent any of us yet we’ve broken the glass ceiling multiple times without needing to demean anyone.

Perhaps we can progress with respecting all instead of pushing empty agendas. Perhaps we should learn ‘to mind our own business’ while living our own lives. Perhaps we should begin to understand that we don’t need to ask ‘permission’ or ‘make noise’ to be who we are meant to be – all we need to do ‘is be’ without pushing lifestyles on others… Perhaps women should celebrate their womanhood with love and respect while ‘allowing’ men to be men…. And for heaven’s sake, perhaps women can learn to be a tad mysterious instead of ‘letting it all hang out’… mystery is far more appealing.

In order to be free, we must be willing to become the women God fully intended us to be without following blind ambitions. Look to Him to learn how to love yourselves unconditionally… each of you are worth it!


Video: “I Look To You” by Selah


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