VP Pence Hits Dynamic Anti-Abortion Homerun at March for Life DC Rally

VP Mike Pence speaks at March for Life 2017

By Kevin Fobbs
[First published on http://dailyheadlines.net January 27, 2017]

For the first time in the history of the March for Life Washington DC rally a vice president spoke while pledging an end to the abortion mills that are funded by public dollars. He stressed that the Trump administration is firmly determined to prevent the advance the fight against abortion and said, “We will not grow weary. We will not rest, until we restore a culture of life in America for ourselves and our posterity,” reported the Washington Post.

With fierce determination etched on his face he rallied the tens of thousands of pro-life supporters who had traveled to the nation’s capital to overturn the abortion friendly policies of the Obama administration. Vice President Pence is well known to the pro-life activists in Indiana and around the nation. In fact, as Indiana’s governor he signed legislation which some pro-life leaders and supporters consider the strictest anti-abortion laws in America.

Abortion activists are already organizing against the pro-life President Trump in anticipation of his announcement to nominate a Supreme Court justice to replace Justice Antonin Scalia who died in 2016. The vice president reassured the march participants that, “next week President Donald Trump will announce a Supreme Court nominee who will uphold the God-given liberty enshrined in our Constitution in the tradition of the late and great Justice Antonin Scalia,” reported the Washington Post.

The number of abortions since the 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision has been devastating. Approximately 58,586,256 unborn babies have been murdered since the high court ruling, according to government’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Guttmacher Institute (GI).

President Trump pledged on the campaign trail to support and defend life and has taken aggressive steps in his first week in office to do so by proposing a draft executive order which prevents the federal government from funding any United Nations organization that promotes “the performance of abortion or sterilization as a method of family planning.”

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