Will ‘Flyover Country’ Give Roseanne-less Reboot The ‘One-Finger Salute’?

By Kevin Fobbs
[First published on clashdaily.com June 23, 2018]

“America’s heartland families have received the message loud and clear. We don’t value your values or the president and any actor that supports the president. But we want you to watch our liberal-laced television shows and movies, while marginalizing you all the way to the bank.”

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Are ABC executives drinking their own spiked Kool-Aid if they think that creating a Roseanne spinoff without Roseanne will be watched by conservatives? Evidently, according to Breitbart, they seriously believe that the scheduled 10-episode spinoff will be embraced by Roseanne Barr’s viewers.

In a word: NO!

Take a moment and consider what these nimrods in the Hollywood suites of ABC must think about what encouraged viewers of Roseanne to tune in by the millions. When the Roseanne reboot netted 18 million conservative viewers for her show’s March 27, Tuesday-night debut it was due to her, not to the other cast of characters.

Roseanne Barr’s sincerity in her belief of President Donald Trump was not simple play acting. She became a Red State television hero its families could watch because, unlike most of fake Hollywood, she not only talked the talk but walked the walk.

Now, ABC has been panicked into finding a solution for a problem that it created, by not taking Roseanne’s apologize for her stated late night “Ambien”-influenced, ill-advised tweet. The cowardly behavior of the ABC leadership should have been expected, since apparently one conversation with the former race-baiter-in-chief’s wife, Michelle Obama, and they caved like a house of cards.

Once the controversy had cleared, and liberal actors and comics had not been fired, suspended or disciplined for their horrendous tweets, ABC tries to re-launch Roseanne with a new reboot of the reboot title. They can call it Connors, or by whatever name they want, but it will sink faster in the ratings than the Titanic. Barr supporters are not stupid, mindless or clueless. They are well aware of the liberal hypocrisy of Hollywood that stinks to the high heavens.

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