Obama Ignores the Courage of Americans Killed for their Faith

The nation’s religious faithful came again face to face with tragic reality that Christians are being murdered for their faith.

By Kevin Fobbs

FOBBS_10082015IMAGECLEVELAND, Oct. 7, 2015 – As the gunman at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, classroom asked victims to identify their faith asking “Are you Christian?” It must have been terrifying. A popular social media meme following the shooting was “The most courageous person in America was the second person shot and killed at Umpqua.” For that person knew that by answering “yes,” he or she would be killed by a madman.

This is a defining moment for Christian martyrdom in America as the nation’s religious faithful once again came face to face with what Christians across the globe have dealt with for years: Christians are being murdered for their faith.

There is a war on Christianity, and President Obama refuses to acknowledge it, speak out against it or take steps to prevent it. Tragically in many ways, his administration’s action to marginalize and minimize Christianity in America gives free reign to those extreme Islamic terrorists and other haters of Christianity in America.

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[First published in http://www.commdiginews.com on October 8, 2015]


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