ACCRM’s 40 Days With Christ For Lent: Day Thirty-Five

Variety In the Spiritual Life

[exerpts from “My Daily Bread” by Anthony J. Paone, S.J. [1954]


1. MY CHILD, not everyone can make use of the same spiritual exercises. One devotion suits this person, while another suits that person. At times a change of spiritual exercises will do you good. Some devotions will help on ordinary days, and others will be more helpful on holy days. You may need one type of spiritual activity in time of temptation and another in time of peace. A man likes certain thoughts when he is sad, but in time of spiritual joy, he prefers other thoughts.

2. Variety in your spiritual life will help you live a richer life and a holier one. Make your spiritual goals and your resolutions according to the spirit of the different seasons of the church calendar. Plan your interior life as one who is eager to give Me better service. Live as one who looks forward to Heaven.

3. Think of death as the gateway to Heaven. Learn to look upon your earthly life as a great opportunity to make a worthy preparation for Heaven. If I have not called you yet, consider that it is because you are not yet well enough prepared to receive the heavenly glory which is being reserved for you. Then plan how to prepare yourself for that heavenly reward. Never forget the words: “Blessed is that servant whom the Lord shall find watching when He comes. Indeed, I tell you, He will place him over all His possessions!”

It is so easy to fall into a routine and stick to it. Many go on day after day, doing the same old things in the same old way. Variety makes life interesting, yet too few have the ambition and energy to put variety into their daily lives. In prayer, I shall try to learn various methods in case I should need them to avoid the dullness of routine. I can read the lives of the saints and see where I may make a few changes in my own spiritual life. My spiritual director can give me ideas on how to freshen my zeal for God’s glory and for the help of my neighbor.

O Holy Spirit, my God and Sanctifier, grant me light to see how I can make my daily life more fruitful in doing good. Let me not fall into a rut and stay there. Life is a glorious opportunity to do great things-to become more like You, my God, by the good and love which I can give to others. Help me to see more ways of increasing the good in my daily life. Give me the unselfishness and strength to do good for Your sake. Amen.



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