A gifted Christian student beaten to death by Muslim classmates

Christian Student was murdered in school by his Muslim Classmates – photo credit – YouTube

By Kevin Fobbs
[originally published in commdinginews on September 15, 2017]

“Nearly 90,000 of the Christian faithful were killed for their beliefs in violent and gruesome attacks in 2016 A Pakistani Christian child was viciously beaten to death by Muslim classmates while his teacher calmly read a newspaper.”

American Christian Civil Rights Movement Executive Director Judi Lake has called this attack and murder of an innocent Christian student in Pakistan a moral travesty.
“Every parent in any nation on Earth should never have to fear that their precious child should have to face vicious attacks and possibly death because of their Christianity. For a teacher to sit casually in a classroom, as he is reported to have done, while that child was being beaten to death is an abomination before God. Christians everywhere should not only mourn for the child but also pray for his parents, then rise and stand up for Christianity as God’s Biblical teachings guide us to do.”

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