Did Trump Victory Free Biblical ‘Merry Christmas’ Celebration For America?


By Kevin Fobbs

[First published on Daily Headlines on December 6, 2016]

Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season and Donald Trump may be the vehicle that frees Christians from Obama’s and liberals’ anti ‘Merry Christmas’ political correctness prison. Earlier in the year the now president-elect assured the audience at Liberty University, that if elected department stores would once again feature signs reading “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays.” Millions of Christians have been waiting for this and it is apparent that the soon to be president is a man of his word that the Christian faithful will be proud of.

What does full restoration of Christian faith and principles mean to the average American family or person in the nation’s heartland when for eight years the Obama administration marginalized Christianity? The easy answer is like President-Elect Trump campaign promise to ‘Make America Great Again’ he has also included an iron clad guarantee to defend the nation’s Christian heritage.

As recently as September’s Values Voters Summit GOP presidential candidate Trump promised, “In “a Trump administration, our Christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended like you’ve never seen before.”

Just consider the ramifications of a Christmas season where there will be nativity scenes in the public square and Christmas songs being sung in schools, at public events and at offices without being shamed.  During the Obama era Christianity was constantly under attack and Hillary Clinton, if elected would have dealt a near fatal blow to silencing Christianity.

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