Why Can’t We Be Friends?


Since the election in the U.S.A. has ended nominating Donald J. Trump as our 45th President of the United States where does the U.S.A. stand?

Good question.

It seems the ‘losing side’ has taken their loss badly… so badly that violent protests and boycotts are now the ‘norm’…

so badly that colleges and universities are encouraging students to protest and offering ‘safe-spaces’ and ‘grief support’ classes…

so badly that Green Party Nominee, Jill Stein, is demanding a recount in the battleground states….

so badly that boycotts for Inauguration Day are being planned.

So, in a nation that experiences a presidential election every four years where one party always loses, what exactly is the problem?

It depends but let’s consider one ‘theory’.

Within our society ‘an ever so subtle’ transformation of our core values has been occurring for quite some time. Though some say longer, in my experience, the decay of individualism and morals has been deteriorating since the 1960s…. so subtly, that no one noticed… so subtly, that today, in 2016, it is now the norm to be told what to think and, worse yet, everything that was once wrong is now right and ‘God’ has been all but kicked out of society….

Sad, huh?


But, in all fairness, too many haven’t paid attention that much to notice. With the popularity of the internet and, of course, smart phones, everyone has become ‘a pundit’ in one way or another with one factor missing: true fact checking with an unbiased viewpoint is not a requirement.

Heck, how many ‘modern pundits’ post minute-by-minute – even second-by-second – on that ever-addictive social media site, Facebook? Twitter? Personal blog? And we do ‘know’ that all posted on social media sites is true, yes? <sarcasism>

Now, for those taking time to ‘research’ facts… what happens to them? It all depends.

If one’s ‘truth’ contradicts popular opinion why the only thing ‘to do’ is attack – and it must be done brutally! And what about that ‘new’ buzzword: ‘racist’? My, my how frequent that word is used – so much so that I am convinced most don’t even know what it means… not really…. The word ‘racist’ new 2016 meaning is ‘anyone who disagrees with one’ having very little to do with the actual definition.

Do people even know what ‘racist’ means?

Back to the 2016 Presidential Election….

So, yeah, Trump won – fair and square – the man won and, like it or not, has been elected our next president.

So, again, why the sore-losers?

[My] guess is that the ‘information’ most on the losing side is holding onto is false – yuppers, all lies – and they’ve been instigated to rebel against the ‘unfairness’ of being on the losing team because that is part of ‘the new American’ mindset….


Didn’t conservatives lose in ’08 and ’12? Clinton? Carter? Didn’t we have to accept the nominations of persons none of us believed in? With Obama, didn’t we have to live through eight long years of failed policies and lack of leadership?

And that’s okay?

Like it or not, it HAS to be okay – that is how elections work in the U.S.A.

This ‘rant’ is not to prove facts for or against Trump – most will believe what they want to believe but,

both sides are guilty of fanning the flame of anger.

‘Trumpster’s’ need to rejoice in our win without pouring salt in the wounds of the losing side,


‘anti-Trumpsters’ need to accept the results and adjust without starting trouble and for heaven’s sake mend those relationships that ended from the ‘politics’ of this election.

Divorces? Life-long friendships ending? Siblings not talking? Because of a presidential election? REALLY?

Here’s the deal: the ‘new America’ doesn’t know how to lose… but, sadly, losing is part of life.

And Christians, perhaps ‘living’ the ‘Word’ would be a tad more effective than ‘lecturing’ and ‘pounding’ Scriptures down other’s throats while there, within you, also lies imperfection.

If people were truly ‘what they profess to be’ then we would not be as divided or hateful as we currently are.

And, better yet, there’d be no ‘racism’ [the ‘real’ ‘racism’]

America has been given the opportunity to ‘start-over’ and my advice? Unite as Americans – each one of you – liberals, conservatives, male, female, Christians, agnostics, gay, straight, black, white, blue, purple, green, ect., etc., etc.,


learn to get along

because, like it or not, WE ALL ARE AMERICA!

This Christmas Season let us all experience the true birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ and learn – with love – the true meaning of ‘benevolent detachment’ [letting go with love].

‘Til next time…. God speed!


Video: “Let There Be Peace On Earth” performed by The Harlem Boy’s Choir


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