KIM DAVIS: Was She Illegally Jailed in the Gay Marriage Lion’s Den?

by Kevin Fobbs on September 10, 2015 you imagine at what point you would make the decision to stand by your faith and enter into the lion’s den for your Christian beliefs? Kim Davis, the now freed Rowan County, Kentucky, Clerk was jailed for refusing to issue a gay couple a marriage license in violation of her religious beliefs. Is being jailed for your Christianity; the new line in the sand Christians may have to cross in order to stand up for their faith and Christianity?

Before the U.S. Supreme Court issued its June decision which set the stage for the criminalization of Christianity, millions of Christians may have believed that their faith was protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Now, the harsh reality is clear, whether you are a county clerk in Kentucky or a high school student in Nevada, your actions of Christian faith may have serious consequences.

Consider what you were doing this morning as you sat at your computer in your office with a screen saver of a religious cross on it. Your supervisor or boss could tell you that your display of your faith was offending non-Christians. Or in the case of a young Marine woman, you could be discharged as she was court-martialed.

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First published in Clash Daily


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