Arrested: Praying Outside An Abortion Mill, Protesters Falsely Accused For ‘Terror Threat’

By Kevin Fobbs
[originally published on on May 4, 2018]

Is it a crime in America for a woman to pray for the lives of the unborn on the sidewalk outside of an abortion clinic? Apparently four police officers in the Detroit area felt pro-life advocate Kimberly Thames’ First Amendment right to free speech was null and void. They, according to Life News, arrested her outside of a Westland, Michigan, abortion clinic.

Pro-life supporters have been growing in Michigan for years and in the midst of the increased efforts to protect the life of the unborn, Thames, a Roman Catholic was steadfast in her devotion. As she stood outside the clinic on Saturday, August 27, 2016, her weapons of choice was her rosary and a sign in defense of the unborn, according to Federal court records. How was this a disruption or a threat to anyone going into the abortion clinic?

It appears that the power of her prayers was overwhelming and even antagonistic to the Northland abortion clinic guard. She innocently mentioned to him that she was praying for him and the unborn babies. She added that she would pray that the guard would find another job.

When the pro-life protector left the outside area of the abortion clinic it appears that the guard, Robert Parsley, decided that he would put an end to her protests. He alleged that Thames had told him that there “would be bombings.” A 9-1-1 call was made by clinic employee to police Guilbernat, and stated, “We have protestors outside and one of them just made a statement that there’s going to be a bombing.”

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