Family: Discussing the media’s attack on Christian candidates


By Kevin Fobbs

WASHINGTON, Nov. 11, 2015 — Today’s Christian youth are aware of the mainstream media’s all-out assault on Christianity and the personal attacks lobbed against GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Those attacks mock a man who has achieved many of the things we want our children to achieve: education, a brilliant career in pediatric neuroscience, philanthropist and unapologetic Christian.

Parents may need their own Christian talking points to use when their children watch this war being played out on social media and on television. What do you tell young people when the media and other candidates go on the attack?

Separating fact from politically inspired media fiction can be quite a job, since children, older teens and adults are bombarded with 24-hour punditry that masquerades as journalism.

The recent truth meltdown by Politico in its politically inspired attack headlines purposely maligned Carson, a Christian who has written and spoken of God’s involvement in his life.

The news organization had to disavow its salacious West Point story and headline on the same day it was written.

But the damage was done.

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First published on November 11, 2015


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