Help President-elect Trump make protecting Christianity top 2017 Resolution


By Kevin Fobbs

[originally published on on January 2, 2017]

The one unbreakable resolution that President Trump can make for the nation’s Christian faithful is to restore the unshakable time honored Biblical bond of “so help me God” that America’s Commander-in-chief honored and defended since George Washington took the oath of office. The historic war against Christianity begun by President Obama began in 2009 can be won decisively by the new president commitment to a resolution to protect and defend Christianity in 2017.

America’s Christian faith was shaken for nearly eight years to the core but it was not destroyed by Obama. Christianity’s renewal in the nation’s homeland is fortified in the words of Trump stressed before conservative Christians in 2016 at the Values Voter Summit in Washington. He predicted, “In a Trump administration, our Christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended like you’ve never seen before.”

Unlike Obama who worked tirelessly to dismember, destabilize and decimate any and all aspects of the practice and pursuit of Christianity in every aspect of public and private life, the resolution to protect the Word of God will be honored and restored by Trump. But every American must not only say they will give a President Trump a high five for his goal, they must embrace that goal as their own as well.

This resolution is more than a promise to yourself or a verbal or silent goal you will adopt in support of a Trump administration’s restoration of Christianity in the public place. You, and your family must turn to the only one who can guide you and a President Trump to make this Christian commitment unbreakable, and that is God.

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