501’s for Humanity: Art Visionary’s Bold Plan For Solving Major Social Problems

By Kevin Fobbs
[First Published in clashdaily.com on January 25, 2018]

The children of America and the world represent 100 percent of the future. Matthew Virgin, art consultant and auction specialist, firmly believes that the art world can play a vital role in supporting nonprofits to improve that future world. He has worked to create a coalition of nonprofits called “501’s for Humanity” . These charities are combing education, patriotism, skill building, Judeo Christian principles and values as well as protecting women and children victimized by domestic violence into a unique partnership by using art auctions.

There are countless examples of non-profit partnerships around the nation that have combined their individual missions to tackle the daily challenges facing the most vulnerable in society. In the majority of instances, government and private public partnerships have led the way in order to stabilize the lives of the neediest in society.

Annually, government funded and private foundations provide tens of millions in targeted financial support which benefits countless communities. Yet, much, much more can be done. Virgin, a native Australian, believes that art auctions can become the newest transformative vehicle to provide monetary fuel for nonprofits to tackle America’s myriad of crucial societal problems and issues.


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