Count Me In To Change Healthcare

We understand that the “Heartland American HumanCare” plan is a very simplified explanation but it is meant to be easily understood being built on common sense. Unlike Obamacare, HAHC doesn’t require 3000 pages of bureaucratic double-talk. Currently there are many family’s who have lost their insurance and choices under Obamacare. No one in the news is reporting those being refused chemo while an abortion is easily obtained and transgenders are able to receive transitional surgery. Unfortunately, many suffering from cancer having limited benefits might not live to see a revised healthcare system for the USA. Remember, if we are to make a change, it is up to us and not the government – Please share this with everyone – To get noticed we need to make noise having millions of signatures! Just as we got President Trump elected, it is once again time to have a blood-less revolution to regain our own healthcare!

The handling of healthcare for the USA is for ‘we the people’ to approve – not the government! By filling our our form below you are acknowledging being in agreement to stand behind ACCRM’s “Heartland American HumanCare” plan. To get this noticed, just as in getting President Trump elected, we are going to need a massive grassroots movement – also, please consider volunteering for this cause by getting as many signatures and people involved as you can – if not for you but for our future generations! Please note: all email addresses remain private – nothing is shared with all privacy protected and respected! God Bless America and God Bless You!