Heartland American HumanCare Program

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Simple Bullet Points to Heartland American HumanCare Program
• End Medicare and Medicaid. Add those budgets into this healthcare program, ‘The Heartland Ameican HumanCare Program’
• Create a 10% sales tax on everything except homesteaded homes, cars under $25,000, and prescription drugs(tax would be on items such as luxury cars, vacation homes, yachts, airplanes etc.)
• Deductibles and co-pays would be scaled to income  ($0 under 15,000; $500 for 25,000; $1000 for $40,000; etc.)
• Non covered items: abortions, sex changes, plastic surgery, electives, and wasted items such as silver ‘sneakers programs’, ‘dog walking’, and other nonsense currently included in some health care programs.
• Drug companies that would like to be sanctioned would reduce pricing by 33%. (To cut costs, many choose to purchase prescription medications outside the country monthly for one-third the cost)
• Maintain the VA and the veterans would be issued a card that would eliminate the 10% tax. (unless they elect to use a non-VA healthcare facility)
• A great burden on states and federal budgets is healthcare for prisons with the10’s of thousands of inmates. A Fair Solution: Contract with the banks and have them rehab the thousands of properties that lay dormant and decay the neighborhoods and our inner cities. Contract to repair our infrastructure. There must be a hundred ways to utilize this labor force and reduce the burden of their incarceration expense. That should be a no-brainer except for politicians. I know president Trump would elect to make them pay their way: No Free Ride.
• With the proposed new tax plan, the IRS will need something to do to keep those thousands of employees busy. They can collect the 10% tax, do the bookkeeping and maintain their jobs. This will also eliminate their ability to create scandals as numbers don’t lie.
• As for those small businesses, their collection of the tax can be attributed to their declared income. If it doesn’t match, they pay the tax assuring that they will collect it.
•  Being a sales tax, even from drug dealers, criminals, welfare recipients, those on unemployment, illegal immigrants and backroom deal politicians will have to contribute.
• Businesses will no longer be subjected to supplying healthcare to employees. Imagine the business incentive that is for expansion and new hiring, especially when bundled with the new tax incentives.
• As for Federal, State and local governments: how many millions will now be in their budgets without having to provide health insurance for employees? Those numbers can be staggering and provide tremendous improvements to infrastructure budgets. It may even provide for employee raises – more revenue to spend, more healthcare tax money to collect.
• The healthcare is no longer controlled by government per say and no longer a burden on the federal budget. Everyone has healthcare, everyone pays his or her share, like it or not. Healthcare is not an entitlement!
• The current unstable healthcare providers, aka ‘The Marketplace’ providers, will be no longer be needed.

In Conclusion:• Obamacare is 100% repealed, entitlements are eliminated, some of the swamp is drained =3 campaign promises addressed!
• This plan comes full circle: employment and wages can increase = more expendable income into the economy = more healthcare revenue
• Currently, under Obamacare, very few doctors are accepting Medicare and Medicaid: With the Heartland American Human Care Program, they accept this or cash because that’s all that’s available.
• Premiums are not that BIG bill each month: its paid in dribs and drabs daily virtually unnoticed.
• No more Medicaid or Medicare fraud.
• Higher state and federal budgets; no more employer healthcare benefits.
• Those thousands of individuals working for cash will be contributing.
• Illegals must contribute.
• Even those incarcerated will be contributing.
• The government is out of healthcare.
• Insurance corporations are out of healthcare.
• Place limits on malpractice law-suits and match settlements to workers comp guidelines.
• With gas prices low a 10% healthcare tax would be tolerated raising billions.
• Unlike most taxes, people will see something tangible for it.

• There are approximately 70 million foreign tourists visiting the US each year, spending $4000 to $7000 each. My calculator doesn’t go that high but 10% of that contributed to our countries healthcare seems a staggering amount to me, and its all profit to the healthcare revenue as you will need a social security number to get healthcare here or pay cash.

We understand that this is a very simplified explanation but it is meant to be easily understood and built on common sense. It doesn’t require 3000 pages of bureaucratic double-talk. Currently there are many family’s who have lost their insurance and choices under Obamacare. No one in the news is reporting those being refused chemo while an abortion is easily obtained and transgenders can easily receive transitional surgery. Unfortunately, those suffering from cancer having limited benefits may not live to see a revised healthcare system for the USA.