Disabled Patriot Needs Our Help

Hello, my name is Matt Pyeritz.

I was born with Spina Bifida and have been in a wheelchair since I dislocated both hips in 1990. Prior to September 2017 I could walk with crutches for short distances. In September I was hospitalized with an infected wound that doctors said could have killed me. I was in the hospital for 17 days getting IV antibiotics for the infection, and then 14 days is a nursing home where I received daily care from a wound care specialist.

I have been home since October 28, 2017 where I am getting daily care from a home health agency. My physical abilities are slowly coming back due to physical therapy. In January 2018 I started walking very short distances with a walker. In April 2018 I had gained enough stability to stand with my crutches. Although I am not strong enough or stable enough to walk with the crutches, I am optimistic I will be able to one day. I am hoping to raise money to pay off the rest of my doctor and hospital bills and focus solely on rehab. I have added a YouTube video of me skydiving approximately 7 months before I became ill. This is part of my motivation to get better. I hope to be able to do it again! Any donations would be greatly appreciated!


From American Christian Civil Rights Movement:
Let’s help Matt! Donations as little as $5.00 help tremendously! Please share!

Matt’s GoFundMe Page:


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